Monday, July 11, 2011

The 'Other' Commitment

Hello! I know I’ve set a goal this 2nd half of 2011 to have a blog, I did. Yes! Success! But; it also comes with the commitment of actually blogging/writing an entry as well, which I have some highly perfect reason of; just not having time. Okay fine, time as well as motivation. I had a great week last week as my BFF was in town! She even encouraged me to write reviews on just anything, specifically hangout places and food! Which I think was absolutely great and exciting! So yes, this is what I am going to blog about; okay, and some other pretty cool things. Oh yeah. So, wait up for the upcoming masterpieces!
(Bear in mind, cool mentioned above is as in M-Y kind of cool)

Btw before I leave you wondering of the great piece that I'll be posting, I just want to share with you a simple line quoted from Mother Theresa.

Life is an adventure. Dare it. 

For the full lines, you check it out here
More inspirational quotes are available here too.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Appetizer

Assalamualaikum and very bright hello! to all you readers out there, (if there are any, please I hope there are *fingers crossed*). I really have no idea what the heck Im doing at the moment, but please just bare with me. Writing a blog, starting at the age of a nearly quarter century, is really something exciting and worrying at the same time. I admit, I never comprehend when I see/hear/know about people who blogs, - gossip blogs are okay I guess, as they are my savior during my eight-to-five, but then again, I read the title and view the pictures and like we all do, make assumptions or critic about that certain celeb on just whatever. Yup, another habit that Im not going to deny; I don’t favor reading that much. I guess this is when the saying, ‘A picture worths a thousand words’ comes in real handy! Back to my prehistoric views on blogging; Why do people blog on about their life experiences, good or bad and some even on the more personal experiences. Don’t we have the conventional journals/diaries to put that in? I mean why would you share with a stranger, on a heartbreak, or even on how angry you were with your parents via social networks? I don’t follow any specific bloggers at the moment, but I have always wanted to inspire people more than anything. A role model you say? Well, I’d rather start from the bottom; give and tell people my views/experiences in life that maybe, just maybe, be able to deliver and give them hope, courage and inspiration to balance out their life according to their beliefs. I know this might sound like a lot, but I do hope you enjoy reading my writings even if you have a different opinion. Share them with me and the rest, because I know, I’d love to hear any comments and criticism from you readers.

So before I start blabbering on just about anything, please forgive me if there comes a time where I might bore or even be difficult to comprehend. And yes, I do get the occasional ‘apa kau merepek ni?’ from just people whom I adore. :P
So Cheers people and enjoy this journey into the unknown!